Saturday, February 20, 2016

Princess Peach

Princess Peach is well known character from the Super Mario Series. She is, obviously, a princess whose character is only included to be saved. Peach is helpless, which is a typical stereotype for a princess as well as a woman at times. The only way she can get away from her captor is if Mario, a man, comes to save her. Just by looking at her appearance, one can see that the feminine stereotype is played out. She only wears a dress, a pink one, aka- every females supposed favorite color. She wears multiple large jewels and a crown to represent her status as a princess, as well as long white gloves to show her purity and daintiness. This look never changes, even when she is able to be played as a character driving one of the cars in Mario Kart. Princess Peach also adheres to the blonde stereotype. According to it, women with blonde hair are not self-sufficient and always need help from others. Blondes are seen as stupid and tend to be taken advantage of by others. We can especially see this through one of Peaches only lines "Save Me!". On her own, Princess Peach can accomplish nothing. She will always need Mario.

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