Monday, February 29, 2016

Damsel in Distress Part 1

One major concept that caught my attention was the discussion of Crystal, the female protagonist of her own game turned damsel in distress and background character of a male dominated game. She was equipped with a staff and fighting skills to help her save the world. Dressed in a longer, less revealing piece of clothing, her character was a badass female capable of holding her own. This game was never released as is, but instead in the third part of an already existing game, Crystal shows up as damsel in distress wearing close to nothing. In fact, when she is introduced, there is even saxophone music playing in the background to further sexualize this character. She is now used as a plot device for the other characters of the game and is some prize to be won and cared for. Unfortunately, the internet connection was not cooperating with me, so I was unable to finish watching the video.


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