Monday, February 22, 2016

Over sexualization of female characters in video games

Mileena is a popular character part of the Mortal Kombat universe. This is a hyper violent fighting video game where the plot usually isn’t the reason people are playing the game. Mileena is a character introduced in the 90’s and is a recurring presence throughout the development of the series. It was originally thought she was the twin sister of another character within the game. Later it was discovered she was just a demented power hungry clone of Kitana. She wields sai blades and has many different combo moves to deliver fatalities. She demonstrates the stereotypical over sexualized female character to the video game world. She is always in very tight and usually exposing outfits. There is even a outfit that is basically three strands of the thinnest bandages I’ve ever seen in my life. it’s so revealing, they might as well have just had her character be completely nude, because there is nothing left to the imagination. Most, if not all of the female characters in Mortal Kombat are extremely hyper sexualized, with skin-tight clothing and large bouncy breasts (yes, bouncy because they are animated to move when their characters are hit). This game continues to perpetuate sexual images of female fighters. Though Mileena is a poor representation for women, I always liked using her in the game. I always took pleasure in beating my male friends/brother with a female character in fighting games. There was always a small selection of female characters to choose from and abundance of hyper masculine male characters, so if I was going to play, I was using a girl character regardless of her outfit.

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