Sunday, February 21, 2016

Ashley Williams- Mass Effect

Ashley Williams – Mass Effect

Ashley Williams is a human soldier in the popular videogame Mass Effect. After hearing about the game from my brother and learning that there was an option to play as a female character, I was very excited. Upon seeing this character I was not surprised to see her in a thinner and tighter suit of armor than the men. She is a Systems Alliance Marine specializing in weapons skills and heavy armor. In the game it is made clear that Ashley's actions are very fueled by her desires to restore her family's name which is something that seems to be closely related to femaleness. That all being said, this character is extremely tough and one you do not want to mess with going against female stereotypes. Her character is a natural leader and is able to keep a level head under the pressures of missions and battles, going against another female stereotype. Throughout the games she is continually spoken of as a potential lover and is very desirable to the men who try to win her over. There is even a blurb on her saying that if one character was to deny Ashley, she will mention "finding her own entertainment in her bunk", so there is always a sexualized aura about this character even when she is meant to be battling aliens and saving the world.

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