Tuesday, February 2, 2016

For 2/1/16: Childhood Game Memory

Write about a strong memory that you have related to playing a game. Write this blog as a story, introducing the setting, time period, characters and plot.  Include details so that the reader can “be there with you."

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  1. The year is 2002, and I am a twelve year old girl growing up in a Cranston RI. I am lucky to live where I do on such a safe street. My street is a dead end and there is a child my age in almost every house. Since my house is near the beginning of the street it is my job to gather the others on my way down to the end where we usually hung around. There were the boys who lived in the white two family Ryan and Dylan, then across the street in a small yellow house were the Horton Boys (all four of them), then one of my closest friends next to them in an even smaller house was LeAnna. You could never count on LeAnna to come out to play however, there were says where I would sit on her front stairs and talk to her for hours through a mail slot because this was the summer she had acne and was too embarrassed to be seen. Next to her was another girl named Jess and her younger brother Shawn, then next to them an older girl named Caitlin and her brother Dylan. (If you thought I was done with this list you probably thought I was kidding when I said there were kids in almost every house!) Finally at the end of the street was a girl named Gracie and another across from her named Tabby. Now that we have our players it is time to play the game. Not every day was full of sports but my favorite game when we were able to get everyone together was always Capture the Flag. It started by the two leaders (almost always Tabby and Nick because they were the oldest) who would divided our group into two teams. Then we would spend the better part of the morning going over the rules, such as who’s house was safe to play in (as we also had our share of grumpy old people who preferred us to not be on their lawn), where the line was to determine each other’s territory, and how long we would have to place the flag. The flag was usually not a flag at all but rather whatever toy or ball we had close at hand that would stand in its place. Then we would split up into our teams and go to our home bases which were usually LeAnnas stoop and Tabbys. When it was time to go we would stand at the chalk line that was drawn to divide our two lands and someone would yell that it was time to hunt! Depending on what side I was looking on I had my go to spots where I had previously hidden the flag to see if anyone was dumb enough to reuse my spots. This was typically under bushes or stairs, between two garages or behind them. Sometimes in trees or in Tabbys tree house. My house was almost never used because it was too far as I lived at the top of the street. Although not a real rule, it was considered cheating if you tried to cover it up or burry the flag which had been done before. And of course once you got a glimpse of it you had to grab it and make a mad dash back to your side of the street to claim your victory. This is not always how the games ended, sometimes we would hear a parent yell for their kids to come home and if we had an uneven amount we would have to end the game early or start over with new teams. Or someone would get mad because they couldn’t find their flag and stop the game to start a different one. Either way growing up on my street there was never a shortage of friends to play with or games to play.