Monday, February 15, 2016

Homework for 2.15


This week:

Next week, we will be drawing upon your research about the "multi-logues" of American football and other "violent" sports for an in class gaming assignment.  The blogs and comments on blogs will help prepare you for the in class assignment.
1.  Post your "football" blog by Wednesday, Feb 10 (assignment posted below).
2.  Comment on at least 3 other student's "football" blogs by next Sunday.  For instance, you can pose a question, "think with" the author by adding additional resources, or provide a counter argument.
3.  Contribute to the Ready Player One google doc (link is posted below in the blog and in the syllabus) by Friday.  We will reference the google doc in class on Monday when you meet in your book groups.

Next week:

4.  Read Ready Player One chapters 7-9 by next Monday.
5. Your ready player one roles will stay the same as this week.  Be ready to share your cumulative insights about chapters 4-9 in the book (through your role) next Monday.
6.  BRING at least one item to class that would be useful in making a GAME (e.g. dice, cards, timer, playing pieces).

 Optional Video -- Baseball Vs. Football

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