Monday, February 22, 2016

Joanna Dark

Joanna dark from perfect dark is a Female James bond. She is powerful and strong which restricts the idea that women are fragile and need to be saved.  All of her characters qualities break the stereotypes formed about women. for starters after reading up on the character one of attributes is that she is an expert driver and pilot. Women not driving well is a stereotype i think we all hear from the time we are small children. She is also a skilled hand combat fighter. Again not something we would typically attribute to being female. Also in my readings it speaks of her incredible reflexes and ability to know when trouble is lurking. I find that women, mothers especially have perpetual gut instinct.

Bases off her appearance she is in excellent physical shape and wears a latex like suit that hugs her body. She is extremely sexualized, i don't know about any of you, but how many women do you know who would actually look like this in a latex suit. Besides the suit hugging her body tightly her cleavage is exposed, typical of what is considered sexy for a female. Her red hair makes her seem sassy and perhaps rebellious as well. 

As far as her skill and attributes are concerned she is breaking the female stereotype but her appearance certainly feeds into it,

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