Friday, April 22, 2016

Football Take Away Blog 2/15 (The one i forgot)

Football Take-Away Blog
There is so much to take away from the Super Bowl but of course I am going to focus on the halftime show. Although the Super Bowl was two months ago, there is still the image of Beyonce stuck in my head.  I also remember watching the video to her newest song release titled "Formation." Both the halftime show and her video proposed many and different thoughts in my head. First off, I feel like some people would not voice their opinion because she considers herself to be a black female. Her lyrics in her new song are about "being on top" and "doing things" your average white person may not do-for example she talks about carrying hot sauce in her purse. Odd right? But there was no controversy surrounding that statement because of her race. Beyonce's new song represents the black female pride she has instilled in herself. She is also focusing on Black Lives Matter- you can see this through the lyrics in her song. The song itself represents women empowerment and standing up for what you believe in. Beyonce surprised the audience by singing her brand new song "Formation" during the Super Bowl halftime show. Notice how all her back up dancers were black and dressed like the black panthers? Beyonce is trying to make America aware that Black Lives matter. She did this by the lyrics in her song and like stated above, having her dances dress as the Black Panthers. Overall, I do no think Beyonce was trying to hurt or offend anyone, but better yet, send out a message to America on a topic that is never really heard of anymore.
I guess some questions are what if white women performed and she was conveying the same act that Black Lives matter? Or do Black Lives don't matter? Would she be considered racist? There will always be so many questions and controversy especially in such a crucial topic.

Bethany G

Monday, April 18, 2016

Playing and Analyzing Joust

Play Joust (see the two links below this blog to access).

As a group, contribute to the group thinking in comments.  Your posts should build on one another's comments to this blog.

Describe the game:
--Purpose/how to win?
--point of view/perspective?
--Values in Game?
--Where's the gender?
--How does this game support/enhance/disturb themes in RPO?
Class on 4/4 Cancelled.

See your email for details.

Henrick carousel
Put 4 types of play up on whiteboard:
How does RPO fit in each category?
Provide specific evidence
What does Gender have to do with any of this?

DO:  post or email your final project bullets.

DO:  Play Joust and one other game.  Analyze joust together in the blog.

Joust all together...
Describe the game:
--Purpose/how to win?
--point of view/perspective?
--Values in Game?
--Where's the gender?

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Final Project and Grades

Final Project Prompt and Expectations

Some of you have been asking about grades.  Here's a 2 page grade estimator.  I'll bring copies so we can talk about this in class next week.

Monday, April 4, 2016

1980's Arcade Games

To play JOUST:

1.  Use this free computer simulation:


2.  Download this app:  Midway Arcade by Warner Bros. (99 cent app)

Computer link to free 80's games (thanks Taylor!)

Free Pac man

Free Breakout:

Free Zork:

Free adventure:

Free pitfall:


A history of driving games (thanks to Corinne's brother for sharing):

A history of pong and tennis games (another brother link):

If you find more links, put them in the comments section!

Final Project

  • Role
    • A character in the novel
  • Audience
    • General audience from the world in RPO
  • Format
    • Tumblr page
  • Topic
    • A fictional text that provides an additional point of view not provided in the novel.
  • Purpose
    • I hope the audience is able to see a Tumblr page that is based off of what one that Art3mis created might look like.

Regina LaPietra

Monday, March 28, 2016

week 6 Women as background decoration part 1

    Women are largely used as sexual objects within video game play. Misogynistic, sexist and violent representation for women in videogames is the norm in our society. There are probably too many games to name that continue to over sexualize women and use them as decoration, instead of interesting, complex, and intelligent characters that you can use for game play. This virtual realm is an absolute depiction of our patriarchal culture and how these dominant ideologies influence and dictate how women are treated and represented within reality and games. I get frustrated at times when people say there is no need for more diverse representation in videogames, more women are playing video games than ever before and yet we’re still not fairly being represented in the proper way.  Too many games fall under the dominant discourses and its hard to find a game with a leading female character that isn’t overly sexualized or manipulated in someway. This concept of women being background decoration is literally everywhere in popular media and culture. Sexual objectification happens to women all the time in advertisements and commercials to sell products, and it perpetuates the idea that women are objects instead of actual human beings with thoughts and feelings.

Nicole Connolly