Friday, April 22, 2016

Football Take Away Blog 2/15 (The one i forgot)

Football Take-Away Blog
There is so much to take away from the Super Bowl but of course I am going to focus on the halftime show. Although the Super Bowl was two months ago, there is still the image of Beyonce stuck in my head.  I also remember watching the video to her newest song release titled "Formation." Both the halftime show and her video proposed many and different thoughts in my head. First off, I feel like some people would not voice their opinion because she considers herself to be a black female. Her lyrics in her new song are about "being on top" and "doing things" your average white person may not do-for example she talks about carrying hot sauce in her purse. Odd right? But there was no controversy surrounding that statement because of her race. Beyonce's new song represents the black female pride she has instilled in herself. She is also focusing on Black Lives Matter- you can see this through the lyrics in her song. The song itself represents women empowerment and standing up for what you believe in. Beyonce surprised the audience by singing her brand new song "Formation" during the Super Bowl halftime show. Notice how all her back up dancers were black and dressed like the black panthers? Beyonce is trying to make America aware that Black Lives matter. She did this by the lyrics in her song and like stated above, having her dances dress as the Black Panthers. Overall, I do no think Beyonce was trying to hurt or offend anyone, but better yet, send out a message to America on a topic that is never really heard of anymore.
I guess some questions are what if white women performed and she was conveying the same act that Black Lives matter? Or do Black Lives don't matter? Would she be considered racist? There will always be so many questions and controversy especially in such a crucial topic.

Bethany G


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