Saturday, February 20, 2016

Ashley Graham - Resident Evil 4

In Resident Evil 4, you play as Leon S. Kennedy. The character in this picture, Ashley Graham, is the President's daughter, whom Leon (and the player) have been sent to rescue. She is extremely incapable of doing anything by herself. While Leon can climb down ledges, Ashley needs Leon to cushion the fall by catching her. She cannot help the player in any way, and is only a burden to the player as she must be protected from monsters throughout the entirety of the game. She must be rescued from captivity at least three times, and she is both whiny and depicted as extremely emotional, letting her feelings put her and the player in danger. Unfortunately, Ashley is a very problematic character in gaming, as she is only one of three women in the game (all the others of which are sexualized in some way). The cutscenes in this game frequently support the male gaze, lingering on her chest or up her skirt. This character is depicted as weak, emotional, and constantly in need of a man's help. She is also eye-candy for the player, another aspect that supports sexist stereotypes. The one time the player plays as her, she can only progress by running away from enemies or crawling under blockades (during which the camera ogles her butt). In the American version of the game, for some reason, the developers added noticeable breast physics to the character model, making them bounce with every movement.

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