Monday, March 21, 2016

Tampon Run

It was hard trying to pick a game to play. I eventually chose Tampon Run- basically because I'm a girl and thought I could connect to it-if that makes any sense. Tampon Run definitely falls under the counter narrative category. After playing the game a couple of times I definitely got thinking of the message that lies behind this game. Your menstrual cycle and the taboo that lies behind it are such "sore" subjects. No one ever wants to talk about someone on their period-they think it's gross; but in reality, its life. The two teenagers who invented this game waned to get the message across to normalize one's menstrual cycle. Because of the title I am sure it only catches girls attention-but that does not mean boys or men cannot play it. I think it would actually get the message across better if both genders, male and females play Tampon Run. Everyone in today's society needs to learn the education behind tampons and the acceptance of them. 
The player is a little girl who is being attacked by boys. She must hit them with tampons before they reach her and gather box of tampons. Instead of attacking your enemy with a gun or weapon, you are using a tampon. That is such a great idea. For example as an audience we learn, "It's to challenge the idea that in society, we're more comfortable with guns and violence than we are with teaching girls to be comfortable with their bodies." It's so crazy that one can be more comfortable with a weapon, that hurts people verses a tampon which in reality "help" people. Inventors of Tampon Run wanted to limit the "guilt" behind one having your period. People seem to be so ashamed and timid when they are on their period or if it comes up in everyday conversation, they hate to talk about it. It shouldn't be like this. This is why Tampon Run was created. I believe it was created to make people feel comfortable about themselves and their body. People should openly discuss their period and the use of tampons. Instead of hiding tampons and pretend that your menstrual cycle or tampons don't exist, this was made for one to feel comfortable and accept this part of life. They are trying to close this gender gap- as to why I think they have boys as the enemies. Not only is Tampon Run making girl feel comfortable, but I also think they are trying to relay the message to boys as well. 
Tampon Run did a great job getting the message across that menstruation is important. It's funny how people can talk about guns and weapons being so normal when menstruation is much more normal than guns and weapons but hardly talked about. Menstruation makes up a large portion of a women's life and Tampon Run reflects and has this social impact that menstruation should have. 


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