Sunday, March 13, 2016

Midterm post: How does critically looking at videogame(s) highlight flaws in our current society?

In our society many of our flaws are embedded in the video games that people of all ages play. Critically looking at the characters, background scenes we can clearly see values, that are problematic to say in the least, are both overt and covert  in the games that have been best sellers. Games such as  the GTA (Grand Theft Auto) series, Assassin's Creed and Call of Duty portray several narratives that are singular in perspective. In the games, as in many games, the lead character is a male who uses violence to achieve the goal. The stereotypical  In some games the people who are minorities either criminalized or as Anita Sarkeesian are background pieces that are repositories for gratuitous and/or sexual violence. These flaws are exposed, exaggerated and consumed as libidinal commerce geared to attract males. But to be more honest the question that does arise from critical analysis is what do these best sellers say about our society? 


  1. Absolutely, and you have spoken at length in class about GTA and Assassin's Creed feeding into dominant stereotypes about gender and violence. Including some of the great examples you have referenced in class in this post would strengthen your argument.

    Given your expertise and experience playing these games, are there any ways that the games resist dominant stereotypes or provide ways for players to resist dominant narratives? If not, what kind of game in this same kind of genre of "first person shooter/driver" would?

  2. There really aren't many first person shooter games that are different. Even something like "Tampon Run" not a fps but the general idea of "shooting" the enemy is still the same. The difference of the playable character as a girl and firing tampon instead of bullets. Even with that as discussed in class there is no option for player modification. Fps games are geared for and marketed to white males and I have yet to see a playable character who is isn't a male. I would love to see a female bu then is would be the same as "Tampon Run" with just a female player surrogate in a male role.