Sunday, March 20, 2016

Dys4ia Analysis

    This game most definitely supports a socially unpopular counter narrative. When it comes to gender, the United States really only validates two genders, male and female. Player one in this game is a transgender female, born with male anatomy but is in the process of transitioning to female. The transgender community is almost never included or talked about in games, unless they are poorly treated prostitutes. This game however is very different, it starts at the beginning of the transition process. Walking the player through daily issues people who are transgender may have to deal with like shaving, using public bathrooms and interacting with family and the community. It continues by giving the player different tasks like choosing a doctor, paying for hormones and other medical and social challenges. The game displays very real issues the transgender community experiences, even the issues around being addressed by the correct pronouns. The game involves simple controls, only the arrows keys are used to work through the game. These controls give player one very limited options, which again symbolizes the issues the transgender community faces. There are not enough options for them concerning their own bodies and possible treatments. This game is very different from traditional games, as its purpose is less about entertainment and more about the process of educating people on some of the issues the transgender community faces in a gaming outlet.


Emily Castonguay 

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