Sunday, March 20, 2016

Tampon Run

I would say the game fits into a counter narrative discourse. The main reason is due to the use of tampons instead of guns. The two young teenagers who created the game wanted to use tampons since they are given a negative connotation to them anyways. This game made tampons into weapons that could be used against people, which is kind of funny in my opinion. It's like the creators are making fun of boys who get scared whenever they see a tampon or even hear the word used, but don't even bat an eye when the topic of guns comes up. Women are taught that periods are a taboo topic and shouldn't be spoken about in public. Periods are a part of human nature and should be treated the same as say, going to the bathroom. It shouldn't be an embarrassing topic. Women are rarely seen bringing tampons or pads to the bathroom with them, even though we know they do. They instead try to hide them. Im sure almost every girl in this class has hid their tampon up their sleeve while going to the bathroom at least once. Society has taught us that it isn't okay to show our tampons to others. We must make sure that no one else sees them! The game Tampon Run wanted to change this. The creators wanted to open up the conversation about periods and tampons. They wanted to make this game so a young girl wouldn't be ashamed about having to bring a tampon to the bathroom with her during school. As the article says, "it's to challenge the idea that in society, we're more comfortable with guns and violence than we are with teaching girls to be comfortable with their bodies".

Regina LaPietra

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