Monday, March 14, 2016

Notice:  Class will meet in Horace Mann 182 on 3/14


Midterm Blog (20%)

Choose ONE question to answer in your blog:

1.  Make some connections between class content (a blog post or class discussion) and Ready Player One.

2.  How does looking at Ready Player One highlight flaws in our current society?

3.  How does critically looking at videogame(s) highlight flaws in our current society?

4.  Shaw (linked here and in your syllabus) finds two problematic approaches to rectify the misrepresentation of women in games:  The “Add women and stir” approach (increasing the diversity of game-makers), and placing the burden of change on representatives from the marginalized group(s).  Choose one of these two approaches to write about in your blog.  What’s the approach and what are issues related to the approach?  Then think beyond the problematic approaches:  How can we “create critiques of representation that are politically engaged enough to resist market logics and nimble enough to encompass interactive, personalized, customized media texts?”

Blogs will be scored on the following items:

1. Is your name on the blog?
2. Did you WRITE the question which you are answering?
3. Did you ANSWER the question (starting with a thesis sentence)?
4. Did you reference concepts discussed in class, the blog, or class texts?
5. Is your opinion/perspective represented?
6. Did you use conventional English and grammar?

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