Thursday, January 28, 2016

Rainbow Road

    Ever since we were kids, me and my younger brother have always been highly competitive. Being relatively close in age often left us interested in similar things around the same age, which only added to our competitive relationship. However gaming was always the one thing we were most competitive about. Starting from Zelda on a Nintendo super to Grand Theft Auto on a PlayStation. However more then any other game, Mario Cart was the root of all rematches. My brother and I would play Mario Cart for hours in our family room, playing until our fingers were sore and cramping. Our Mario Cart obsession started on the GameCube, but went to completely different level when the Wii was released. The Wii changed the game, especially since we also used the Wii Mario Cart steering wheel. Currently there's not many things me and my brother are competitive about, since we have both realized our different interests and niche in society. However if we do make our way into the old family room, and the Wii happens to get turned on, I can guarantee at least one round of Rainbow Road... with a few rematches of course  

Emily Castonguay

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  1. It sounds like competition is a key part of your playing -- especially with your brother. Do you find yourself playing in the same ways with friends and other family members?